Mobile Marketing Done Right!

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Mobile Marketing Done Right!

In the past three years, the mobile marketing has gained wide popularity in the United States and various other countries of the world. With more than 5.3 billion mobile phone users worldwide (94 percent Americans have mobile phones), and its cost effectiveness, you can well understand why mobile marketing is emerging as a hot advertising medium for local businesses. All top Internet marketers are shifting their focus on mobile marketing for reaping benefits of its cost effectiveness and reach, and it is now being sought by thousands of businesses in the US,

The evidence is here!

In the US, more than 95 percent people use mobile phones for text messages, and most of them know how to use this function. Aside from that, text message has an open rate exceeding 91 percent as compared to mere 23 percent for emails.! In fact, most of the emails land up in spam boxes these days. Mobile marketing is now becoming a hottest local business marketing technique that is helping small and medium businesses to compete with large businesses with ease.

Mobile websites make your business truly local!

Businesses are now making mobile phone optimized web pages to enable people on the go to get more information on their smart phones. This is best for local businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, food joints, shopping mall, salons, hotels, tattoo shops, and so on. Customers can straightaway reach them locally after accessing their websites and knowing about the kind of services they offer. SEO agencies can optimize such websites for smart phones and by using niche local keywords, so that your website ranks on the top when somebody searches for products or services you offer.

Mobile marketing benefits

* One-to-one marketing- Mobile marketing helps companies to focus on all their target customers on one-to-one basis. As all of them have opted on the list, they immediately read each message that lands in their inbox. Local businesses can send coupons, promotional ads, codes and latest information about events to their customers. Today special software can be used on computers to send out promotional messages to mobile users.

* Targeted Marketing-Mobile marketing allows you to target group of people you are interested in. This way, you can utilize your marketing budget in a much better way.

* Personalized communication- By sending offers, and information about your products, you are giving your customers a personalized treatment. This automatically increases customer loyalty.

* Best for viral marketing-You can even initiate viral marketing using your mobile phone. If ad or information sent by you is liked by your prospects, they can even forward it to their friends and family members.

* Cost effective-Mobile marketing is highly cost effective and at least 10 times more effective than other marketing techniques. This means, you can run extensive mobile marketing campaign within your marketing budget. In fact, provides offer many discount plans to their customers.

Lastly, with mobile marketing, you will see that conversion rate is much higher than any other form of marketing. with mobile marketing, you can not only grab attention of your customers, but can also take your local business to the next level within days.

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