Website for your business!

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Website for your business!

As an effective online marketing tool, a well optimized direct response website comes with tons of benefits for your local business. Not only this website is cost effective and convenient, but it also creates expertise and helps in maintaining and establishing relationships with present and potential customers. In fact, local businesses can use their website to run promotions from time to time to attract new customers. Actually, a website is a cornerstone of your strong online presence that can take your local business to the next level within a short time.

Some statistics!

* About 58 percent local searches result in purchase-comScore

* 78 percent local searchers follow-up via phone call, store visit, or purchase-comScore

* 70 percent users first look at local mpa area on the 1′st page or local search, then organic results, and in the last paid ads-Neilson 2011

* 48 percent Americans have substituted their yellow page phone books with local search-comScore

* 63 percent users shop online, or purchase offline – NPD Group

Benefits of a website and local business marketing. for your local business:

* Cost Effective- As compared to other marketing techniques, creating and maintaining a website is more effective and cost efficient. You just have to pay few dollars of monthly fee. Furthermore, the setup is flexible, especially if it’s a WordPress based site. With a local website, you can continue with on-going forms of marketing.

* Convenience-With a website, you offer convenience to your customers as they can will get all answers right there on your well-designer and informative website. Aside from information about your products, your website can include FAQ’s, information forms, and pieces that your customers need. There is no better way to grow you customer base and web presence than by providing convenience.

* Sell online-If you want, you can even establish an e-commerce website and sell locally to your customers. This would be an excellent alternative to your customers as they can order your products right from the comforts of their home, instead of visiting super markets.

* Establish expertise-A website can be a powerful marketing tool and can help your local business to establish a solid reputation of expertise. Posting useful information, tips, and articles can help in convincing potential customers that your business is competent and knowledgeable. This is one of the most important factor that customer consider when choosing a local business.

* Creating relationships-Aside from establishing expertise, your site can also help in creating relationships with present and potential customers. Websites help in enhancing communication for them, by posting specials, offers, discounts, and events for the month.

* Internet marketing-Your direct response website is central to any online campaign. First, your site will help you in establishing a web presence, and with a local SEO (search engine optimization) efforts, you can drive traffic to your website. Your website helps you in presenting your products, services and costs in the most appealing way.

Therefore, you should put considerable efforts in building a quality website. A well designed website can help you in maintaining a positive relationship with your present customers with the help of effective communication that can even be a solid referral point for few of your customers.

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