Unleash the Power of Google+

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Unleash the Power of Google+

What is Google+ Local ?

Google+ Local is a free service (part of Google’s search engine) which focuses mainly on different business types and their location. The page that you create now will be integrated with Google’s social media site (Google+) and will also link to Organic Search, Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile (iOS/Android). In other words, the pages created by different companies will be displayed to any user querying a local search.

Many customers search for businesses via the web, and most of them resort to Google+’s Local service in order to find the place most suitable for their needs. This service is a gold mine for any business since it presents every important detail customers seek (type of products and/or services on offer, office photos, operation hours, direction and payment methods etc.) and it also accompanies user’s query with reviews left by other customers/clients.

You may have already noticed that the past five-star rating system found in Google Places is now gone. Instead you’ll have to deal with the new and improved Zagat engine, which displays the rating for each business more accurately than ever. Customer reviews are still important for the search results, but now there are many more factors which play an important role in it.

Now, when a user search for a certain kind of product/service in his area the Google+ Local automatically recommends the most appropriate business based on his friend’s likes, the past reviews that he carried out and the current settings in his profile. The customers also have the possibility to search for a particular kind of company in their area and to review it as well. What’s more, users can recommend a business to family, friends, colleagues etc., so the popularity of a small company can be greatly boosted with the help of this little service.

Statistics of Past, Present & Future Forecast

Google Places was undoubtedly one of the most popular services in its niche, and with this upgrade it has become more renowned than ever. When it comes to numbers, it’s useful to know that in 2011 there were over 50 million dynamically-generated local pages worldwide, out of which 8 million were claimed by businesses themselves (according to ILM West).

Now it is estimated there are over 70 million Google+ Local pages worldwide, from which 15 million created by business owners themselves. What’s more, as far as statistics go, there are currently over 600 million Google Maps users worldwide, out of which 50% are represented solely by mobile phone/smartphone users. It’s also interesting to know that 20% of the organic searches performed on Google (desktop) have a local intent, while the same searches performed from mobile users have a local intent in 40% of the cases (according to Kelsey Group).

It is thought that the Google+’s Local popularity will continue to rise, reaching an amazing 100 million created pages by 2014. What’s more, given that more and more users are making the switch to smartphones and tablets we are to expect a huge increase in Google Maps popularity, even surpassing the 500 million milestone (which could translate in over a billion Maps users online). This way, business owners who choose to advertise their company through this service have a lot to earn on the long-term.

How Does This Service Benefits Local Business Owners ?

The companies who choose to advertise themselves through Google+ Local will obtain lots of new customers, both on the short and on the long term. Here’s how this service can help your business raise in popularity over the others:

Better Photos

Those who rely heavily on pictures to promote their products and/or services will receive great help from Google+ Local. Because it allows its users to post images much higher in resolution than any other available services, those who choose it to market their company will improve their visitors-to-customers conversion rate in no time.

Improved Ranking and Indexing

Since Google Places merged with Google+ a new door opened to those interested in more traffic for their site. Any review that your company will receive over the Local page translates into more chances for your website to get ranked higher. This was, the more people review your company, the more customers you’re likely to get.

Plus 1′s

Now everybody that visits your Local page profile will be able to publicly recommend your company under their profile. This means their friends and relatives will be able to witness your presence, and therefore your popularity will continue to grow while you do nothing but watch.

Map Integration

Google+ Local is now linked with Google’s proprietary Maps service. This means that any visitor which accesses your page will be able to get the physical address of your business upon demand. Many new potential customers can be achieved through this way.


This service can greatly benefit any local business owner who wishes to get more clients for his business. Not only that people will get direct access to your range of products/services, but they will also get to see your business on the map and even to recommend it to all their friends and relatives through Google+! There has never been a better time to promote your business than now.

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