About Us

What we do

Blue Ridge LBM is a subsidiary of Aura Enterprise, provides professional services to new and existing Local Businesses that want to expand and/or be more profitable. Blue Ridge helps grow existing businesses with our lead generation services, and make Local Businesses more profitable through Internet Marketing.

Blue Ridge LBM has a team of dedicated professionals experienced in Local Business Marketing, Internet Marketing, Information Security & Web Design. They have expertise in Business Process Development & experience working with Private, DoD and other agencies.

Blue Ridge LBM helps existing businesses who want to increase their lead generation cost effectively, often through direct marketing and internet marketing, including search engine marketing, social media marketing, online banner advertising and email marketing, along with saving money by reducing their printing costs and credit card processing rates.

If you’d like a quote on any of our professional services, please call 571-445-0606 or visit www.blueridgelbm.com